Repair Services

  • Battery Replacement

    Battery problems are an issue that affects all our mobile electronics, even Matterport cameras. We detail the various ways a battery can affect your camera and how we can test and fix your battery-related problems.
  • WiFi Antenna Replacement

    A damaged WiFi antenna can slow you down or flat out stop you in the field.  We offer Mail-In and Fast-Fix Replacement kits.  We can even solder a new antenna connector to your camera's mainboard if your camera took a really hard spill.
  • Charger Port

    A damaged charger port can affect more than just your Matterport camera's ability to charge.  Find out how you may resolve the issue yourself and our options to replace the charger port component.
  • Camera Lens

    Save money on repairing your Matterport if only the lens covering is damaged.
  • Camera Tune Up, Cleaning & Testing

    For any Matterport camera (Pro1, Pro2 & ProLite), we can do a basic tune-up/condition evaluation.  This service involves the following: 1) Do ...
  • Camera Housing Damage

    Camera housing damage is usually caused by a fall or other hard impact resulting in the camera body cracking or coming apart at the seams. If the ...
  • Unstable Error & Image Alignment Problems

     The “Camera Unstable” error and problems with the alignment of images (when viewed in preview mode in the capture app) are usually caused by one o...
  • Sensor Errors & Other Issues

    There are some other error messages and miscellaneous issues that can occasionally occur with Matterport cameras. It is best to contact us about th...
  • Digital Display Panel

    Occasionally we see a camera where the digital readout panel on the back is either not displaying anything (even when the charger is plugged in) or the panel is not displaying normally. This can usually be repaired by replacing the I/O panel board or by (less common) replacing the ribbon cable that connects the I/O panel to the mainboard.