Battery Replacement

Bad/Dead Battery(s)

Like most modern electronics, the batteries in Matterport cameras can begin experiencing problems when the voltage in the batteries has dropped too low; often, this is due to the device not being used for a long time or getting charged regularly.  Keeping your Matterport camera charged to at least 50% while it is not in use is an excellent practice to prolong your Matterport camera battery life.

Matterport cameras have a built-in protection chip that will protect the camera and its user if the battery is damaged or undervolted.  For safety reasons, the camera may indicate a low charge level and when plugged into a charger the battery level does not increase.  Alternatively, in Pro1 and Pro2 cameras, they may only charge up to approximately 50% and then not charge any further. In this case, one of the batteries will most likely need to be replaced.

Weak Battery(s)

As with all batteries, over time, your Matterport camera batteries will degrade. For a Pro2 or Pro1 camera, you should get 9+ hours of scanning time when the batteries are in good condition. If you notice that you’re getting significantly less runtime from your batteries, you might want to consider replacing them. At, we can run a test on your battery packs and let you know how they compare to a new battery pack and replace them if needed.

Pro1, Pro2 & Pro2 Lite battery replacements include repairing or replacing the battery pack(s), installing additional battery protection pads per Matterport’s requirements, a full inspection of the camera for other issues, complete testing, and a one year warranty. For this repair, you will need to send us your camera. 

Replacing One Battery: $250/£270 + Shipping

Replacing Both Batteries: $400/£385 + Shipping