Charger Port

Charging Port Replacement

Issues relating to a Matterport camera’s charging port usually fall into two categories, with the first being that the port is broken and the second having to do with a sensor inside the charger port.

A broken charger port may have become dislodged from its mount, may just have stopped working for no apparent reason, or may operate intermittently. In this case, we can replace the charging port.

Another charger port problem relates to a switching mechanism inside the charging port that tells the camera when it is plugged into a charger. When functioning correctly, this is a needed feature as it will not allow the camera to initiate a scan (rotate) when it is plugged into the AC adapter/charger. The problem is that sometimes the switch malfunctions and makes the camera think that it is plugged into a charger even when it is not. Matterport has issued a service bulletin about what to do when this happens, and they have also released a camera firmware version that addresses this problem. We suggest making sure that your camera is on the latest firmware version and then if you still have this issue, review the service bulletin that they issued (see images below).

Charging port replacement by MatterFix - $200 / £200 Shipping
This includes repairing or replacing the charging port, a full inspection of the camera for other issues, reassembly, complete testing, and a one-year warranty.


Fast-Fix Charger Port Replacement Kit 
Comes complete with all of the needed tools, a new charger port part, and access to a detailed walk-thru video to guide you through the process. We can also schedule a Zoom call if you need additional assistance. This kit is available to order on our website.




Matterport Service Bulletin regarding charger port  

matterport website bulletin