WiFi Antenna Replacement

One of the most common repairs that Matterport cameras need is that of replacing the WiFi antenna. Suppose your Matterport camera has a problem connecting to your camera or taking longer than it should for scans to transfer. In that case, your camera’s WiFi antenna likely needs to be replaced. For a Pro2 or Pro2 Lite, it averages 17 seconds per scan to complete a rotation and an additional 4-7 seconds to transfer the scan to the iPad. If it’s taking longer than that, most likely, your camera’s WiFi antenna is damaged.

The typical scenario is that the camera has taken a spill while out on a scanning job, and the camera’s top plate has come off. While the Matterport camera overall is remarkably durable, there is a tendency for that top plate (of the camera body) to become dislodged if the camera experiences a hard impact. Because the WiFi antenna is attached to the top plate by adhesive and the WiFi cable connects to the camera’s mainboard, the antenna cable will often break (become detached) if the top plate comes off of the camera.

Another scenario that we have seen multiple times is that the camera has taken a spill. While there does not appear to be any physical damage, you might have problems staying connected to the camera, or it is taking longer than it should for scans to transfer to your iPad. Often these connection problems are from the WiFi antenna being crushed or damaged when a camera is dropped or suffers another type of hard impact. 

In most instances, the WiFi antenna needs replacement. You can ship the camera to us, and we’ll replace the antenna for you, or you can order one of our Fast-Fix WiFi antenna replacement kits.

Very rarely, the connector on the mainboard (where the WiFi cable plugs in) will get torn off of the mainboard. In this case, a new connector will have to be micro-soldered to the mainboard and then the antenna replaced. This repair is more expensive because micro-soldering is involved.


WiFi Antenna Replacement by MatterFix

Includes installation of a new antenna, an inspection of the camera for other damage, reassembly, complete testing of the camera, and a one-year warranty. 
Cost: $200/£200 + Shipping


Fast-Fix WiFi Antenna Replacement Kit

It comes complete with all of the needed tools, a new antenna, and access to a detailed walk-thru video to guide you through the process. We can also schedule a Zoom call if you need additional assistance. This kit is available to order on our website.
Cost: $200 + Shipping


WiFi Antenna and Antenna Mainboard Connector Replacement

This repair includes micro-soldering of the WiFi cable connector to the mainboard in addition to replacing the WiFi antenna. Also included is a full inspection of the camera for other damage, reassembly, complete testing of the camera, and a one-year warranty. You would need to ship your camera to us.
Cost: $350 + Shipping