Fast-Fix DIY Matterport Camera Repair Kits Available for Select Repairs!

Have you dropped your Matterport camera? You might be able to repair your Matterport camera yourself, saving time and money!



Some Matterport camera damage is relatively easy to repair using one of our Fast-Fix repair kits, along with the instructional videos we've produced. If you're fairly comfortable working with small tools and following along with video instructions, you should be able to get your camera back in service in a few days and save some money too! We currently offer our Matterport camera repair kits for the following procedures:

  • WiFi antenna replacement
  • Charger port replacement
  • Re-seating housing parts, i.e., if the camera was dropped and the housing pieces are out of place and not fitting together correctly.
  • Replacement of one of these housing pieces: top, bottom, or front.

Our Fast-Fix Matterport camera repair kits come complete with the following:

  • All of the tools needed to complete the repair procedure
  • The correct OEM (original) part from Matterport
  • Access to step by step walkthrough video to follow along with
  • And, if needed, we'll set up a Zoom call to walk you thru the procedure

Disclaimer: If you elect to use one of our Fast-Fix kits, you take responsibility for what happens during the repair process. If you do not follow the instructions strictly, you could damage your camera to the extent that it will need to be replaced by Matterport. That being said, we have not had a customer who used our kit and damaged their camera during the repair process.